Fuse Live Stream server Studio For wowonder cms

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  • Live broadcast protocol: RTMP, HTTP(S)-FLV, HTTP(S)-TS, HLS (support HTTPS), HLS+ (support HTTPS), DASH (support HTTPS).
  • Audio and video coding: H264, H265, MP3, AAC.
  • Live video recording: FLV file format and TS file format.
  • GOP cache: Realize second opening and memory reuse.
  • Application supports wildcards: The “*” wildcard can automatically match the application name used in push-pull streaming, without cumbersome configuration.
  • VHOST function: Support the configuration of multiple server domain names.
  • Console interface: Control the push, pull, and video process through the HTTP API interface.
  • Dynamic configuration loading: After modifying the configuration file, you can read the latest configuration without any operation on nginx.
  • Traffic accounting: Customize the traffic log through configuration.
  • Variable parameter configuration: Variables are used in the configuration file.
  • Inter-process back-to-origin: mutual pull flow between processes solves the problem that the native nginx-rtmp-module module multi-process pull flow fails.
  • Clustering function: Push-pull streaming function between servers (http-flv, rtmp protocol).
  • html5 web player: The Dplayer player will continue to be compatible with various browser platforms and multiple live broadcast protocols.
  • Notice: About Playback 

 Who will asking about playback (record streaming on-demand
playback can be done with custom work but not came with the plugin
and will cost around extra 100 $ to 150 $

  • Fuse RTMP server studio for wowonder 3.x
    Compatible with This skins Wowonder , wondertag , fuse theme
    Minimum required hardware
    1-  centos 7 OS arch 64 , ubuntu, Debian , REDHAT
    2- RAM: 2 GB RAM
    3- CPU: 2-Core CPU @ 2.40 GHz or similar
    4- Disk space: 50 GB + if you have plan for playback stream

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  1. Nemra1

    Good work

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