The most powerful platform for quick conversations

  • Group Chat & Private chat
  • Text Chat & Video Chat
  • Mobile First Design
  • Front End Website
  • Multilingual & RTL Support
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Easy Integration and Customization
  • Wowonder integration v4.x

Fuse Chat PHP Video Chat Room & Private Chat Script

Create your own PHP & Ajax based multi chat room website in minutes.

Awesome design

Fuse Chat fully responsive, mobile first & user friendly design will keep your visitors engaged and happy!

Easy Install

You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to install Fuse Chat. Just copy it to your server run the installer!

Highly Customizable

You can change the appearance as well as it’s functionality with the administration panel easily!

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

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Our Specialties

Fuse chat supports more than 200 chat control features, including user management, room Management, Spam Control. Fuse special menu , Flagged Content ,Social Login , Advertisements , Domain Filter , Flood Control , Profanity Filter , Video's chat control , And more every update..


Fuse Chat is a multiple chat room script where you can create unlimited chat rooms. You can allow your users to create and manage their own chat rooms as well.


Fuse Chat has a dedicated admin dashboard. Admins can access the dashboard and change and customize Fuse Chat according to their needs. In the dashboard, you can manage users, chats, appearance, and other site settings seamlessly.


Fuse Chat comes with built-in Light and Dark user interfaces. You easily switch between the UIs through the admin dashboard. If you want to customize the theme colors, you can easily switch to the custom UI and choose the colors as you wish.


Fuse Chat comes with a built-in Language and Translation Manager. You can add your own languages and translations efficiently. Fuse Chat is translatable to any language including RTL Languages. It supports any Unicode characters sets.

Pro Membership

Paid Memberships Pro gives you all the tools you need to start, manage, and grow your membership chat. The system is designed for premium users levels

Multiple Store

Fuse chat supports more than one store to buy points or Upgrade memberships with serval plans.. and payment method


Fuse Virtual Store Points

Your Wallet raise your point status!
Depending on the point level, a cool icon is shown next to the user’s nickname in rooms and user lists. You can also use a Virtual Gift to send a message to someone, even if they are offline.

How do I get a points pack?

When charging your account through one of the available payment methods. You can buy whatever you want from the points packages and the points have multiple uses

Sending & Receiving Gifts

After charging your account with points, you can send and receive gifts with 10% of the value of the gift price that was sent to you and saved in your points counter

Jitsi Meet integration

System audio sharing

Sharing our screen while in a meeting has become second nature to most of us. From a quick peek at a document to a troubleshooting session, it is a very useful companion to the traditional camera feed.

Improved device controls

Changing what audio or video device we are using during a conference used to be a couple of menus away, which made it hard to use. We have now added a simpler way to change your devices, take a look in demo site

Top Jitsi Meet Features

  • Support for all current browsers
  • HD audio and video
  • Content sharing
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Raise hand and reactions
  • Chat with private conversations
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • And many more..!

video call Quality

  • 1080p (Full-HD, 1920x1080px, dynamic/smart)
  • 720p (HD, 1280x720px, dynamic/smart)
  • 576p (SD, 1024x576px, static/fixed)
  • 480p (854x480px, static/fixed)
  • 360p (640x360px, dynamic/smart)
  • 240p (426x240px, static/fixed)
  • 144p (256x144px, static/fixed)

Fuse QuickMeet integration

Fuse QuickMeet Features

  • Support for all current browsers
  • HD audio and video
  • Content sharing
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Raise hand and Share gifts
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • And many more..!

Video Call Quality

  • 480p (854x480px, static/fixed)
  • 360p (640x360px, dynamic/smart)
  • 240p (426x240px, static/fixed)
  • 144p (256x144px, static/fixed)

Server Library

  • WebRTC
  • WebSockets
  • Express
  • Moment
  • Max Users Peer Group (10) Online

The Most future Required

once The business owner search about A chat script you must looking about how your chat Server Will communicate ,such as push notifications ,CDN (aws,wasabisys,google cloud),PWA,etc..

Multimedia Streaming
Push Notifications
Progressive Web Apps
Cloud Storage
Remote CDN
Social Media Login

Best control panel

Save 25%
  • Fuse Lite platform
  • All the Chat Futures
  • All the TEXT Chats options
  • No Media Stream (NO video chat)
  • One time payment
  • Self Hosted (Shared hosting will work)
  • Everything in basic
  • Free Server setup
  • All the Video chat options
  • Self hosted
  • Root is required
  • One time payment
$350/ once
  • Free Setup
  • A/B testing sandbox
  • Custom permissions
  • Free Servers  when there is no server
  • All jitsi Future More of 120 options
  • One time payment
  • Read more about  jitsi  hosting
  • Fuse Standard Platform
  • Choose the Best Stream Server
  • (Jitsi or QuickMeet)
  • Free setup for the Full system
  • Free Maintenance For 30/days

keep in touch with the developer

Unfortunately, direct payment and purchase is not ready yet, but you can communicate and purchase directly from the developer of the program