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Fuse Movies Landing Template For Wowonder

By December 14, 2018March 26th, 2019No Comments
  • Fuse Landing Page For Wowonder Now you can show all ur content in fronted like * Movies (readonly with Login modal ) *Full blog function access *Full Products function access $-adsense Approved (Full Approved From google adsense because Your 80% of your site content In fronted AND With fuse landing page You can now start your business and make money
  • ==================================
  • 1-Responsive Movies slider (Desktop & mobile )
  • V-Responsive Products slider (Desktop & mobile )
  • 2-Recent content widgets ( blog- last movies- last products )
  • 3-Wowonder Community Mockup ( static Mockup : Message list – timeline – profile mockup)
  • 4-Full section for pro packege ( Free + hot + PLATINUM PACKEGE )
  • 5-Full section for Mobile app ( Description List + Mockup Slider + Download Sidebar )
  • 6- Full Responsive Navigation Menu (mobile + desktop )
  • 7-Full Responsive Sections in mobile device with auto fit width and removed all unused widgets in mobile
  • 8-Best seo reading ( Google bots spider + bing bots + Yahoo bots )
  • 9-Boost Wowonder sitemap with last recent content automatically Technology:
  • 1-bootstrap 4
  • 3-pure css+css3 stylesheet
  • 4-font-awesome 4.7 5-Material Icons library
  • 6-Swiper Technology v3.3.1
  • 7-Pure Javascript codes



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